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About Us

IIS Jubilee Hills is managed by the Educational Endowment Trust that was established to promote national, international, intercivilization and intercultural peace, harmony and dialogue through education. At IIS, we follow the NCERT guidelines in laying down our curriculum and constantly review it to meet the changing needs of the students and community. We believe that excellence in education can only be achieved through the triangulated efforts of students, teachers and parents. Therefore we have a three pronged approach towards school development. While the students are provided with opportunities for holistic development through a well- balanced curriculum and good infrastructure, there is provision for ongoing professional development for teachers for updating them with the latest development in pedagogy. We also reach out to our parents through seminars, picnics, and home visits to build strong relationships based on mutual respect and understanding and encourage them to be more involved in their child’s education.


To contribute towards building a modern and harmonious society by raising a generation that is as rooted in scientific spirit and technological know-how, as is grounded in universal values.


  • To provide an intellectually stimulating environment where students gain knowledge and skills needed for success in the 21st century.
  • To provide opportunities for moral development and social growth so that students show acceptance of people of all faith and cultures, respect individual freedom, denounce all forms of violence and extremism and promote universal brotherhood and peace, and
  • To involve community in the process of education for effective deployment as well as development of human resources

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