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Understanding of Science Redefined

Science is the basis for much of our life, which feeds a natural love for learning, opens doors to many disciplines and fosters thinking skills. In today’s age science has invaded every branch of modern life. It is everywhere in our physical environment and is an important tool for addressing many of our current global challenges.
Students of Classes VI – X of Iqbalia International School, Jubilee Hills are encouraged every year to explore, understand and view the world through science and technology by participating in the Science Activity Week. Students are motivated to use science to explore the world that surrounds them. Iqbalia aims to build their curiosity in order to stimulate them to ask questions and explore how science is the key to changing and improving our life and society. The Science Activity Week was carried by students starting with an idea, creating a concrete way to prove or disprove the idea, and then objectively show what they’ve learned. 

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